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ATI PowerCone Protein Skimmers


Ultra quiet – Ultra efficient

With the PowerCone series we set standards in terms of skimmer performance. Not only a very efficient, but also very quiet operation is made possible through the use of the latest generation of DC pumps.

The pump is adjustable (10 stages), whereby the skimming can be perfectly adapted to the needs of your aquarium. The low-voltage operation (24V) also increases your safety in daily contact with the aquarium.

Model Ratings:
  • 200i up to 265 gal aquarium

  • 250i up to 700 gal aquarium
Price and Model
  • Model 200i   $577.00 ea.

  • Model 250i   $646.00 ea.
This Item Ships "FREE" with in the 48 Continental United States.
  • Alaska and Hawaii - Extra Fee
  • Intenational orders - Extra Fee


unique details

Our unique grid-wheel ensures excellent mixing of air and water. Details like this make our skimmer so powerful.

Specifications for PowerCone Series 200i and 250i


  • Min/max waterlevel for operation: 6 - 9 inches
  • up to 2000 L/h water throughput
  • up to 3000 L/h air throughput
  • Adjustable pump (10 stages)
  • Max. 30 watt energy consumption
Powercone 200i
Recommended aquarium size: 100 - 265 gallons
Overall dimensions incl. pump: 15.16" l x 8.85" w x 20.31" h
Required height for maintenance: 20.71 inches
Installation: internal/sump

Powercone 250i
Recommended aquarium size: 250 - 700 gallons
Overall dimensions incl. pump: 18.11" l x 10.03" w x 21.65" h
Required height for maintenance: 22.05 inches
Installation: internal/sump