Model 900 Long Acrylic Aquarium

120" x 48" x 36"    

Aquarium Specs 

Gallons: 819 Gallons 
Tank Length: 120 inches
Tank Width: 48 inches
Tank Height: 36 Inches

Opening(s); 3 ( 30" x 36")

Shape: Rectangle 

Front Corners: Square

Tank Build Specs
Vertical Walls 1.0"
Top 3/4"
Bottom 3/4"

‚ÄčTank weight: 665 lbs
Crate Info
Size: 126"x54"x43"
Weiight: 275lbs
Options Available

Colored Back  (No Charge)
  • Black 
  • Blue

Bult in Over Flows
  • Dual 2 sided Corner ( L & R) $130.00
  • Dual Trapezoid (on back wall): $ 150.00

Polycarbonate Cover(s): $48.00

Shipping crate: $120.00

Shipping Crate Option:

"Yes" Option: Your Aquarium is fully Insured against any damage by the freight company. With the crate option , Tyd-Pool Marine will handle all insurance claims with the Freight Company .  At the same time we will rebuld your aquarium and ship it out to you.

"No" Option: Your aquarium is fully insured against damage by the Freight Company.  The aquarium will come boxed and on a skid. If damaged in transit, you the coustomer will be required to make all claims with the Carrier. For a replacemnt item, you "the customer" will be reqired to re-order and pay for the item being replaced.

Crate Option and Polycarbonate Lids Option:

  • Tyd-Pool Marine will send you a seperate invoice for these options
Item Cost

Clear back Aquarium: $6276.00 

Includes Free Shipping with in the Continental U.S. ...

Alaska orders extra fee
Hawaii orders extra fee
International orders available

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Model 900 Long Aquarium 120"x48"x36"
Colored Back
Crate Option
Polycarbonate Covers
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