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Salifert Phosphate Test Kit


60 tests per kit

Price: 18.49 ea.

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Salifert Phosphate Aquarium Test Kit

Phosphate Testing and Removal
  • Phosphate has several negative effects if present in a too high concentration. First of all undesirable algae growth might result. Making an aquarium an unpleasant sight.

  • Phosphate also blocks or retards the growth of corals and calcareous algae.
  • One of the scientific studies shows that a phosphate concentration higher than 0.05 mg/L decreases the growth of calcareous algae by 90%!
  • Washing fish food, which is a rich source for phosphates in a sieve after thawing reduces the input of phosphate tremendously. Also avoiding use of phosphate-rich low-grade activated carbon helps keep phosphate levels as low as possible. Checking the activated carbon for phosphate prior to use is therefore highly recommended.

  • Elevated concentrations of phosphate can be removed by using the liquid Phosphate-Eliminator or the highly effective granular Phosphate-Killer. Both also decrease silicate and organics content and adsorb toxic heavy metals
  • Conclusion: 
  • Since phosphate can have major consequences when present in a concentration above 0.05 mg/L a test kit should be able in detecting even lower concentrations.

  • The Salifert phosphate test already detects, within seconds, 0.015 mg/L of phosphate. This makes phosphate measurement highly reliable and informative allowing timely measures to be taken. The kit can perform approx. 50 measurements.