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Phosphate Out PRO

HIgh Capacity Granular Ferric Oxide Filter Media
SIzes Available:
1 quart   (1.75 lb)
2 quarts (3.5 lbs)
4 quarts (6.4 lbs)
6 gallons (38.4 lbs)

Prices starting at: $43.99 ea.

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AquaMaxx Phosphate Out Pro is a high capacity granular ferric oxide adsorptive filter media that removes phosphate from aquarium water. Phosphate is a fuel for algae growth and can also inhibit a coral`s ability to utilize calcium in water. Phosphate Out does not leach phosphate back into aquarium water after it has been absorbed by the media.

For best results, use AquaMaxx Phosphate Out inside a canister, hang-on back or other aquarium filtration system. Using a filter media bag is strongly recommended.

Phosphate Out can also be used in fluidized (up-flow) media reactors. A ball valve is required to regulate a slow flow rate through the filter to prevent granules from becoming pulverized.

Phosphate Out Pro will hold up to twice the amount of phosphate when compared to standard granular ferric oxide. As with all phosphate removal media, it will have an affect on your alkalinity levels so be sure to test your water regularly.


  • Rinse before use.
  • Use 1/2 cup per 50 gallons for saltwater aquariums.
  • Test phosphate levels and replace media when levels begin to rise (approximately every 3-6 months).