Tyd-Pool Marine has been building High Quality Aquariums and Life Support Systems since 1988.  Our Quality Acrylic Aquariums are built from the finest acrylic sheet material available. Most of our standard aquariums are over-built compared to our competition. Our Life Support Sytems (Sumps and Wet-Dry Filters) are built to the same quality and standards that our aquariums are built from.

We now offer a full line of Aquarium supplies available to our Customers. Items from Pumps, Protein Skimmers and Lighting Systems to Chemical Suppliments, Fish Food, and Cleaning Supplies and more!!!  From the following manufactures:

  • Red Sea
  • NYOS
  • Ocean Nutrition
  • Two Little Fishies
  • Hikari
  • Eco Tech Marine
  • Bubble Magus
  • Reef Otopus
  • And Many More

We are now offering free shipping with in the 48 Continental United States  on most orders over $25.00...  Those orders that are under the $25 minimum, we offer a  $5.95 flat-rate fee on all orders. Alaska, Hawaii and International orders additional fees apply. Contact us for more information

Come in and take a look at what we have to offer!

Our Latest build:

Model 900 with Steel Stand
  • 120" x 48" x 36" 
  • Peninsula Style
  • Cobalt Blue Trapezoid Over-Flow
  • Custom Cobalt Blue Floor
  • Steel Stand 120"x48"x30"

Featured Items
Now Selling
Bubble Magus Elite Series Protein Skimmers
IceCap Ki and K2 Protein Skimmers
Available In 3 Size Models
  • Curve 5 Elite
  • Curve 7 Elite
  • Curve 9 Elite
All Elite Models Powered by Sicce Needle Wheel Pumps
IceCap Protien Skimmers available in 2 Models
  • K1
  • K2