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XStream-E incorporates new DC technology and is ideal to be used in advanced marine tanks to create the most natural flow patterns. An adjustable flow rate and 4 pre-set programs to replicate the conditions observed in different areas of the reef, satisfies all requirements for an easy and professional aquarium flow solution.

XStream-E Controlled DC Propeller Pump

APEX Compatable

XStream-E                       $199.99 ea.

     800 - 2250 g.p.h

360°rotation of the pump for an easy positioning according to custom exigences
Magnet support with extra rubber to prevent vibrations. Magnet mounting for glass up to 20 mm
The mini controller allows to adjust the flow rate from 3000 l/h to 8500 l/h (from 800 to 2250 US gph) and to select from 4 + 1 different pre-set programs.
Pre-set programs

Key Features



In water application
         Not submersible
Easy to clean
         Led lights for each program
Self cleaning impeller

Stainless steel AISI 316 shaft + ceramic bearings

        4 Preset programs:

        Short Pulse - wave motion with 5 sec pause 

        Medium Pulse  - wave motion with 20 sec pause

        Long Pulse - wave motion with 30 sec pause 


Chewsafe spiral cord cover

Extremely compact
        Strong suction cup to possibly hang it on the tank
The pump can be connected to different type of controller 
        Apex ready - cable available
Wide and gentle flow
        Low voltage - 24 V

Specifications by Model



           800-2250 us gph

Voltage / Hertz
           24 v dc/ac / 50-60h

RVOX05U           cable 7.55 ft - 2p us