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ATI --- Blue Plus T5 HO Fluorescent Lamp

Blue Plus Specs:

Bulb lengths : 22 1/8", 34.0", 45.8" and 57.75" ( including pins)
Color: Blue Lamp, 460 nm majority with some Actinic (420nm)
Wattages: 24 watt HO, 39 watt HO, 54 watt HO, 80 watt HO
Recommended use: Supplement with Metal Halides, or along with other Flull Spectrum lamps. Combine with AquaBlue Specal, Coral Plus and Purple Plus.

Priced from: $19.99 ea

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Blue Plus

Combines the properties of a blue bulb (approximately 460nm) with an actinic bulb (approximately 420nm), producing an intense blue light with high PAR numbers and a light spectrum that encourages both bluing in SPS corals and fluorescence in capable corals. Also helps balance a washed out/ yellow-hued tank. Recommended as a supplement to metal halides or in combination with Aquablue Special, Purple Plus, or other full spectrum T5 bulbs. Can also be used for dawn/dusk applications. (Similar to KZ Super Blue)