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Pohl's A Balance

Reduces Cyanobacteria rapidly and brings biology back to balance!

Counteracts Cyanobacteria and is helpful in case of imbalances in salt water tanks within a short time.

- Reduces Cyanobacteria in connection with CyanoClean within 2 days

- Recovers the systems biological balance

- Helpful if corals show basal tissue narcosis (TN)

- Enhances yellow coloration on Acropora corals in connection with Sponge Power

- Improves polyp expansion

- Harmless for corals and all tank inhabitants. Will be consumed completely from biological processes and corals.


Initial dosage 50 ml / 100 l ( 50 ml / 26 gal)

Successive dosage 1 ml / 100 l (1 ml /26 gal)each 10 days

Pohl's A balance
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500 mL bottle
250 mL bottle
100 mL bottle

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