Fauna Marin Colore Elements Red/Purple Complex
These Elements are a novel mix of growth and color enhancing trace elements, based on a unique and experimentlly confirmed receipe which perfectly adopts to mordern artificial  seasalt mixes. Developed by leading scientists, this state-of-the-art elemnt aligns the micronutrient consumption of tropical corals with the environmental light conditions generated by LED lighting systems. It allows for stable conditions in the micronutrient budget in coral reef aquaria, and there by significantly increase coral growth rates and coral coloration. Due to special formulation of the elements, this elements mix does not lead to the accumulation of excess toxic metals in the aquarium, and effectivley prevents the growth of unwanted algae. 

Passend/suitalbe to Balling Light System or other Systems based on Zeolith or Pellet filtration.

  • supplements grow active Elements and increase the calcification rates
  • increase coral tissue groth and coloration of SPS and LPS corals.
  • Improves the Flourescent effect
  • Provides the coral against radiation stress
  • Effective concentration (50% less consumtion)

Fauna Marin Color Elements Red/Purple Complex:
for shinning Red Corals              

‚ÄčVol. 250 mL

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