Aquarium System

Price: $1099.00



Fully featured 75 litre/20 gal, Plug & Play® reef system

From lighting, filtration, and stunning looks the Red Sea MAX NANO all in one aquarium series has a great recipe for success allowing you to have your own piece of the ocean right in your living room. 

It has been a long time coming for a company to come out with such an inclusive all in one system like the Red Sea Max Nano. From ultra clear glass, proven filtration components and awesome lighting you probably won't be able to find a better tank and stand value package out there.

Overall dimensions: 18" L x 18" W x 52" H (light not included in height dimension)

Red Sea is constantly innovating and keeping up with current technology in the aquarium market, and reef keeping hobby. The MAX Nano all in one tanks now include LED lighting along with a full filtration system, along with circulation and return pumps. The ultra clear glass lets you see your fish and corals true colors in a sophisticated rimless design that will instantly bring life and elegance to any room.

Aqua Illumination Prime HD LED

Red Sea Max Nano tanks now include the most advanced lights on the market letting the Nano series be one of the most efficient kits on the market. A single Prime HD unit has up to 55w of total power available with full control letting you fine tune the spectrum and intensity.

Controlling the Prime HD light is very simple through any smart phone, PC or Mac computer. With the built-in WiFi you can connect directly to the light making programming super quick and easy, or through the cloud interface letting you control your tanks light from anywhere in the world (with internet access).

Pump Power Center

Max Nano has an integrated power switch box that circulation pumps the protein skimmer can be connected to for easy on/off control making them a true all in one aquarium system.


Every MAX tank comes with a stand made for saltwater aquariums with marine-spec laminate cabinet, weatherproof epoxy painted doors, push open latches, and soft close stainless steel hinges. Stands are available in two exterior colors (black or white) where the interior will be black on both stand color options allowing for a cleaner overall appearance over time.

Ultra Clear Glass

Standard glass can "wash" out colors because of a small percentage of iron in all glass making it have a slight yellowing appearance. Red Sea uses an Ultra Clear beveled edge glass that has a low iron content allowing you to see the true color of your fish and coral without having any color distortion. The 8mm thick front glass lets Red Sea produce a rimless tank without the need for any ugly bracing.

Filtration and Circulation

Proven Multi-stage filtration lets you keep even the most delicate corals and fish. The included return and circulation pumps are secretly hidden in the filtration compartment keeping the display portion looking clean and elegant. Along with the Reef-Spec Nano skimmer, media towers, extra space for additional filters and provisions to add a chiller too.

RS Nano skimmers have a 3:1 water to air ratio creating the perfect skimming conditions within the body of the skimmer. With the advanced design of the protein skimmer, it will not be affected by water fluctuations due to evaporation and has an adjustable outlet gate creating the perfect skimmate consistency for the water conditions.

Max Nano Features


System water volume
Combined aquarium and rear sump
75 L
(20 Gal)
Aquarium volume
Display tank
62 L
(16.5 Gal)
Rear Sump volume
Rear sump
13 L
(3.5 Gal)
Aquarium glass thickness
Ultra clear front and side panels
8 mm
Surface skimmer
Built in Surface Skimmer with removable combs
Lighting system
AI Prime HD (55W)*
1 unit
Lighting – standard configuration
Full spectrum with nominal total output
Lighting controlWiFi based system compatible with all iOS, Android, and WiFi enabled Mac or PC.Yes
Total circulation lph (gph) Hidden circulation pumps (not including sump return)
1 x 950 (240 gph)
Protein skimmer
Waterflow/Airflow180 lph/60 lph
Mechanical filtrationStandard 225 Micron Filter BagYes
Chemical filtration
High grade phosphate-free activated carbon
(7 oz)
Cabinet frame
Marine Spec Yes
External Length

45 cm
External Width

 45 cm
External Height
 Excluding LED light unit 132 cm