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Coral Complete System

Coral System Kit by “Korallen-Zucht” Creator of the Zeovit System
Kit consists of one bottle of each of the four components of the Coral System.

***Coral System has been designed for Aquariums not utilizing the Zeovit system or other Zeovit additives.***

Coral System Platform contains four products which work in synergy to each other. Exceptional results can be achieved utilizing the Coral System methodology.

The System provides vital elements and compounds for health, coloration and improved biology of all corals. It provides trace elements and organic compounds vital to cellular functions as well as building mass and producing color pigments. Although each component can be used as a standalone product, best results are achieved when they are used in combination to each other.

Coral System consists of 4 individual components

Coral System Component 1: Promotes better polyp build-extension. Intensifies yellow/gold colorations. Intensifies green colorations. Contains nickel, manganese, fluorine, sodium, rubidium, zinc and vanadium.

Coral System Component 2: Promotes better polyp build-extension. Promotes stronger/faster base encrustation. Intensifies red colorations. Intensifies pink colorations. Intensifies purple colorations. Contains sodium, boron, bromine, strontium and fluorine.

Coral System Component 3: Facilitates biological functions. Promotes better coloration & growth. Contains amino acid and organic elements.

Coral System Component 4: Promotes stronger/faster base encrustation. Intensifies blue colorations. Intensifies green colorations. Contains potassium, fluorine, bromine and iodine.

Dosing regimen: One time per week / 5ml for every 25 US-Gallon of System Volume

Coral Complete System
Sizes Available:
500 mL bottle
250 mL bottle

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