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ATB BioPellets 500mL

The ATB’s Bio Pellets are composed of biologically degradable polymers that are best to use with a media reactor. The pellets will allow aerobic growth of bacteria which consequently will consume nitrate and phosphate
simultaneously. After about 2-4 weeks, nitrate and phosphate levels should start decreasing.
For larger or heavy feeding aquarium, higher dosages are appropriate. Bio Pellets are consumed by bacteria, therefore additional new pellets are needed to be added every 3-6 months to compensate for digested pellets.

We also suggest placing the outlet of the pellet filter in front of a protein skimmer pump, to limit the amount of
bacteria entering the system. The pellets should never be used without sufficient water movement, as this may lead to low oxygen and pH levels, especially during night time. The proper water movement will create a gentle tumbling movement of the pellets inside the reactor.

Aquarium with high level of phosphate or nitrate may experience a short period of temporary water cloudiness.

Use of 500ml per 100 gallons of the total water volume. Please calculate the total water volume without live rock and sand.

ATB cannot be held accountable for any loss of livestock and or any other damages due to misuse of this product.

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