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Use a maximum of 1 litre per 400 litres of aquarium water. For the first use start with 50% and increase to normal dosage within 4 weeks if required.

ZEO should be submerged completely in the water and water should run through it permanently. For best results we recommend placing ZEO in a zeolite filter (e.g. NYOS® Zeolite Filter) and to allow 400 litres/hour of water to flow through per litre of ZEO. Replace every 6-8 weeks.

NYOS® ZEO is a high-quality, specially adapted zeolite mixture for seawater aquariums. Regular use reduces nitrate values permanently, simply and safely to the detection limit.
  • Naturally pure, high-quality, free of additives, carrier substances, etc.
  • In combination with NYOS® BIO BOOSTER, BAC and ZERO provides a biological balance with natural water values
  • Simple and safe nitrate reduction to the detection limit
  • Prevention and removal of unwanted algae plagues
  • Corals receive a natural growth shape